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CHH History

The Children's Health Hut of UCSF (CHH) provides free interactive health screening exams and fun educational activities for children.

Witnessing the struggling efforts to enroll children in healthy families and the substantial need for improved health education and outreach to under served communities, UCSF health professional students created the Children's Health Hut in 1998.

CHH visits different neighborhood playgrounds, community centers and schools, opening its canopy of free, fun, interactive health activities. The festive games, animal balloons, and music welcome children and parents to learn more about their health and health care options.

CHH is organized by student volunteers from the UCSF Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Physical Therapy. We learn about each community and the issues faced by its children. We then collaborate with community organizations to build each Health Hut to open at an easily accessible, neighborhood location. Health Huts typically open on Saturday mornings, from 10am to 2pm. We hope the Health Hut will be a positive spark for the children and for their community. In our experience, the Health Hut has been a wonderful learning experience for children, community organizations, and student volunteers.

Interactive Pediatric Health Exams

Children participate in their own medical and dental examinations, asking questions and learning about their health. Assessments are supervised by community and UCSF faculty physicians. Children and parents are provided appropriate referrals and advice.

Health Carnival Activities

We promote good health in an innovative, fun way which children can understand and remember. We teach topics and issues most relevant to growing children and young adolescents.

Facilitating Regular Medical Care

All children deserve regular, quality medical, dental, and vision care. We educate families about their health care options. Families are introduced to the local community physicians volunteering at the Health Hut.