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Children's Health Hut provides an unique opportunity to reach out to diverse communities and provide health education to children in these areas. Volunteers are responsible for educating children about healthy habits such as the proper techniques to brushing your teeth, or washing your hands. In addition, volunteers can assist in medical and dental screenings for the children. We also serve as role models for children to inspire them to pursue health professional careers. Come join other UCSF Dental, Nursing, Medical, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy in making a difference for the next generation.

The Health Hut visits health fairs, community centers, and schools within San Francisco neighborhoods promoting health education and facilitating access to health care. If you are a UCSF health professional student and would like to volunteer with us please contact your school directors. If you would like to request Children's Health Hut to participate in your event please contact the Community Outreach Directors at


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